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Afternoon walks with Arya & Goldie

We just finished a week of fun visits with Arya and Goldie in Carmel Valley. Their family are repeat guests but a lot has changed since we visited last year. Shiloh the German Shepherd had passed leaving Goldie. Now the new puppy  Arya has joined the family.

Arya has grown very large for a 5 month old German Shepherd weighing at least 40 pounds.. She was very affectionate when meeting me and was very excited whenever we saw another dog. I was also very impressed that Arya never tried to escape her pen during the day even though she can easily jump the enclosure.

5 year old Goldie is a mellow Golden Retriever and very easy to walk compared to Arya. Goldie only cared to stop and sniff her favorite spots in the neighborhood, and was not concerned about passing any dogs. She is also very tolerant of Arya’s bouncy behavior and seems happy to have a new family member.

During our visits we walked to Ashley Falls park, Pearlman Park, and the watershed along Carmel Knolls Trails. If you need a dog walker, petsitter in San Diego or would like your dog to visit these locations then fill out the contact form to schedule a visit.


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