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Cancellation Policy

The cancellation fee is 50% if it is canceled within 72hrs for overnights and 24hrs for any other services. Any other services canceled 3 days prior to when the service starts is $25.  


Scheduling done through online portal.

We recommend scheduling as soon as possible especially during busy times like summer and holidays.

For visits minimum of once a day for cats and 3 or sometimes 4 times a day for dogs if you will be gone all day and night


Due at time of booking or service.  

Payment accepted by Zelle, cash, or check. 

Del Mar Dog Life reserves the right to change our service rates at any time. Our rates are typically adjusted on Jan. 1st & July 1st if needed


Del Mar Dog life will give a credit for services paid for in the case that your plans change if 24 hours notice is given.  

Keys and Lockboxes

If you are booking sitting services or are on an ongoing regular walking schedule, you will be provided a lockbox.  We ask that you provide us with two ways to get into your home, either with 2 keys in a lock box or one key in a lockbox and a second way through a door/garage code or second hidden key on your property.


-In case of a pet illnes,   we will take your pet to your usual vet per your instruction. In the case of an emergency or if we cannot reach you, we may take your pet to an alternate vet or emergency clinic using our best judgement. The client is responsible for veterinary fees.

-In the case of inclement weather, we will use our best judgement and may need to modify service. . We will consult you if this happens.

-Please notify us of visitors to expect during house sitting, or others sharing pet care services.  Del Mar Dog Life is not responsible for events occurring during the care of others.

-Please let us know if you prefer not to have pictures of your pet on social media

-Please give us a household emergencies contact-landlords, maintenance, etc in the case that a non-pet related emergency occurs in your home (for pet/housesitting)

-In the case that you are incapacitated, please give us the contact of an emergency guardian for your pet.

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